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12 essential widgets that belong on your Android home screen

1weather widget clock not updating black list dating Gadget Hacks Among its many new features, Android P returns the spirit of lock screen widgets to users by presenting the current temperature and weather conditions underneath the clock. It isn't flashy, but it's a fun and useful addition 1weather widget clock not updating, unfortunately, does not always work. If your lock screen weather isn't showing up, you might want to try these steps to fix it. Seeing as Android P is currently in beta — and only the second developer preview, at that — there's bound to be bugs. Testers should always assume their builds will not be perfect when opting into beta programs, Android or otherwise. This time, however, we decided to tell you why you shouldn't. One of them is when widgets freeze, and the other is when widgets don't show up in the widgets list. Let's see what the root cause of these issues is, and what we can do about it. When widgets freeze As you know, we have an app.

Change the Clock Widget Color on Android [How-To]

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Beautiful Widgets Update is Awesome - Pocketnow

Galaxy S8 Weather Widget for Any Android Phone

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