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Cigar Box Date-Code Markings and Mastercases…

Dating cuban cigar boxes cannabis dating apps The authentic and highly desirable smokes use Cuba grown tobacco and are rolled by hand on the island in a process that involves over 500 manual tasks. The tradition has been around since aboriginals known as the Cohibins began rolling tobacco as early as the late 15th century and dating cuban cigar boxes survived the economic turmoil of multiple revolutions. The large majority of people who first fall for this trap, me included, are under the impression that they are purchasing the real deal. It takes a pretty well-trained eye to be able to identify some of the counterfeits as dating cuban cigar boxes without having the genuine article in hand to visually compare it to, so it is easier than it might sound to be fooled. The film makers knew no better and rather than be presented as a scam, the plot was shown to be a cheap way of picking up some proper cigars.

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On all orders excluding tobacco Cuban Cigar Box Codes From the 1st January 2000 all boxes of Cuban Cigars have carried an ink stamp showing the first three letters of the Month and two numerals for the year this century. A word of explanation is needed on the months. The identification of the factory where the box was made remains in a code, which thankfully so far has not been cracked. At Cigar World we believe that factories should remain secret. It is the Cuban industry's responsibility to ensure the quality and consistency of their precious cigars no matter where they were made.

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Three months after the introduction of the new code, on April 1999, The Cigar Nexus Web published the complete list of Factories. Between May and December, 1999, Habanos put into effect new codes. The factory codes have not been hacked, but the date codes can also be consulted at The Cigar Nexus Web. Since January, 2000, Habanos decided to maintain the factory codes secret, but started to apply a "readable" date code, consisting of a group of three letters representing the abbreviation of the month name in Spanish and two figures the last two digits of the year.

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