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The serial killer that won a TV dating show during his murder spree

Dating game serial killer rodney chord overstreet dating list Image Screen grab of serial killer Rodney James Alcala. But while most killers operate in the shadows, Alcala preferred the spotlight. He was born in Texas and moved to Mexico when he was eight. His father abandoned the dating game serial killer rodney three years later, and Alcala wound up in L. He dropped out of school at 17 and joined the army, but quickly suffered a nervous breakdown and was discharged; the military diagnosed him with anti-social personality disorder. Although Alcala, who already had a fine arts degree from University of California Los Angeles, never achieved fame for his artwork, he became prolific in using photography for a dark purpose. It was only during the appeals for that crime that prosecutors discovered DNA evidence linking him to four additional murders. He was convicted of those murders in 2010 and two other murders in 2013.

His sexual sadism has led to comparisons with Ted Bundy - the subject of new hit Netflix series Conversations With A Killer. The Ted Bundy Tapes, who was guilty of the abduction, rapes and murders of up to 30 women before being executed by electric chair in 1989. His killing spree started with Cornelia Crilley, a 23-year-old flight attendant living in New York.


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