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Would my son still be with us if I’d reported it sooner.

Dating scan and consultant appointment agency based love in dating and marriage Bring your Green Notes and a water sample to all of your appointments. Sca dating scan and consultant appointment to protect your baby from whooping cough from birth. You can request the vaccination from your midwife after your 20 week scan at your antenatal appointment or you can just turn up to Floor 1, Maternity between Monday — Friday 9am -5pm.

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I woke up at 8 to take my tablets like normal, but instead of going back to sleep for another half an hour I sat there wondering what they would see on that screen today, on my baby who is only tiny but who they can see small details of. After collecting a pee sample what is it with midwives and antenatal clinics wanting your wee everytime?! Luckily we sailed through the rush hour traffic and were there in 20minutes.

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