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Dating vintage gibson guitars serial number application screenupdating access 2010 I read on a Gibson forum that, on seven-digit pot codes, the fourth and fifth numbers represent the date. Can you tell me what model this is and how much it is worth today? Dating Gibson guitars is not easy—thank you! Lower Right. The fourth and fifth numbers of this seven-digit potentiometer date code reveal the last two digits of its year of manufacture. See more results on eBay General Gibson serial number information Gibson serial numbers are usually on the back of the guitars headstock; either stamped, inked or as a decal. Instruments with f-holes often have the serial number repeated on a label inside the guitar body. A lack of a serial number usually implies an instrument has been refinished. The current Gibson serial number system There is no Gibson serial number decoder that can automatically date your pre-1977 Gibson, although after this time, the currently used eight digit system ha been used. Not only can it tell the date, but also the place of production.

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General Vintage Gibson Guitar Information and specs. Discontinued all models except L-5 by 1927. Discontinued L-5 1934. Fiber peghead veneer replaces "Holly" wood veneer. 1970 to present. Also "Made in U.

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With some of the numbers being reused multiple times in other years of production, it is not a surprise that many have thrown their hands up in frustration and given up trying to make sense of them. This should answer the vast majority of your questions regarding when your guitar was produced. This information is reliable as it is keyed to quite a few shipping dates confirmed by the actual shipping ledger.



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