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LA Weekly: Top 10 College Campuses for Interracial Dating

Interracial dating on college campuses dating a moldovan man Supreme Court declared laws prohibiting inter- racial marriage unconstitutional, the number of interracial families in America has rapidly increased. But interracial families continue coloege face interracial dating on college campuses external pressures and internal relational dynamics due to the persistence of racism in America. While formal structural barriers have been reduced, interracial dating on campuses has increased, and attitudes toward acceptance of interracial mar- riage have improved, interracial couplings continue to be the rare exception and not the rule when it comes to new marriages.

The move comes after widespread criticism of the policy in the wake of presidential candidate George W. Bush's campaign appearance at the school. Jones surprised students and supporters by announcing the policy change during an interview on CNN's "Larry King Live. Ironically, the policy was not instituted in response to concerns of white parents, but came after an Asian family threatened to sue the school when their son, who was a student at the school, nearly married a white girl. BJU did not admit black students until the 1970s.

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