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Don’t miss out on Pension Credit

Pension credit backdating rules texting and dating over 40 You could be missing out on extra money — read on for more information! Some people get one or the other and some people can get both. Guarantee Pension Credit Guarantee Pension Credit is a bacjdating which people of Pension Credit Age can claim; it pension credit backdating rules up your income to a minimum level. It is much more generous than the working age means-tested benefits.

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Age UK is urging anyone who may be entitled to claim benefits to call Age UK Advice free of charge on 0800 169 65 65, visit www. This is because once the change is implemented, the older partner could be eligible for significantly more money by claiming Pension Credit as a single person than if the pair of them claim Universal Credit as a couple. Over recent years the means-tested benefit systems for pensioners and people of working age have been growing further apart.

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