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The Science Behind Carbon Dating

Science behind carbon dating dating love songs From Nature magazine The carbon clock is getting reset. Climate records from a Japanese lake are set to improve the accuracy of the dating technique, which could help to shed light on archaeological mysteries such as why Neanderthals became extinct. Carbon dating is used datinf work out the age of organic material — in effect, any living thing. Carbon-14 Dating Most everyone has heard of Carbon dating on the news or elsewhere sometime in the past years. In this article I hope to explain the theoretical and physical science behind Carbon dating, and discuss how it affects our lives and the validity of the process. Scientists use Carbon dating for telling the age of an old object, whose origin and age cannot be determined exactly by normal means.

GCSE Science Revision - Carbon Dating

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Image by Mario Modesto Mata. When researchers find a bone or artifact, how do they know how old it is? While there are a number of answers to that question, most of which depend largely on the age and surroundings of the item, carbon dating is surely one of the most important. The physics, chemistry, and biology, behind carbon dating is absolutely fascinating and worth knowing.

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