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What Is Love Bombing? This New Dating Trend Is Worse Than Ghosting

What is love bombing in dating confidential dating websites Have you just found your person? It's totally normal to be over-the-moon about a new crush. But if all that what is love bombing in dating attention you're getting feels obsessive or if the relationship feels like it's moving abnormally fastyour newfound love could actually be engaging in a form of psychological manipulation known as love bombing. The love bomb, despite sounding like something you'd happily sign up for, is actually a narcissist's cryptic way of manipulating others with overwhelming love and affection. Sound horrific and also very confusing?

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When someone is willing to trick you into doing something to satisfy their needs and ambitions—however harmless or sinister they may be—it's often indicative of underlying patterns of emotional abuse. And out of all the manipulation tactics out there, love bombing is one of the cruelest. But what is love bombing exactly?

[Insecure Attachment] The Radical Truth About Love-bombing + 6 Signs to Spot a Love-bomber

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Dating Red Flags - Love Bombing explained - 4 reasons people Love Bomb

Narcissistic Love Bombing vs. Healthy Romantic Interest: How to tell the difference

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