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What Are The Causes Of Domestic Violence

What is the main cause of domestic violence and dating violence yahoo answers singles and dating Causes and Consequences of Intimate Partner Violence Research supported by NIJ and others has identified some of the causes of, and risk factors for, intimate partner violence often called "domestic violence". Intimate partner violence has serious physical, psychological, economic, and social consequences. One in five women killed or severely injured by an intimate partner had no warning. the fatal or life-threatening incident was the first physical violence they had experienced from their partner.

Samantha Gluck Research points to many causes of domestic violence, but all of these causes and risk factors have one underlying commonality. the abuser feels the need to exert complete control over his or her partner. Some studies indicate that a cause of domestic violence stems from an intersection of both environmental and individual factors. Essentially, this means that abusers learn to use abusive tactics to control others from the influence of family members, people around them, and cultural traditions as they grow from children to adults. Experts do not agree on the underlying causes of domestic violence , but they do agree that the victim never asks for or causes domestic abuse. Although most victims of domestic abuse are women, men can suffer at the hands of an abusive partner as well.

Why domestic violence victims don't leave - Leslie Morgan Steiner

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