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Truth about Haitian Men and Women

What to expect when dating a haitian man elite dating belgique connexion It could be good, bad or both. As for the Haitian men and women, we can easily say that the same applies. Let us begin with the Haitian men. From a very early age, they are brought up in a very strict manner.

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Posted on July 23, 2013 by chubsterdadread Before I start I want to put a disclaimer. Everything I am about to say is solely based on my experiences and opinions. I am speaking on my culture. Whats wrong with them?

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In the family structure , men are considered the head of the house and are typically responsible for making money to support the family. However, it is the women that are the true decision-makers in a Haitian household. While they have less equality in society, women typically make the decisions for the family and especially the children. Important decisions will also be discussed with the elder family members as well. Additionally, in a single-mother household , the woman will make all the decisions concerning financial or family-related matters.

Rules to living with Haitians

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