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Write accommodating in a sentence good dating advice books Prepositions Definitions and Examples of Basic Sentence Elements The Mastering the Mechanics webinar series also describes required sentence elements and varying sentence types. Please see these archived webinars for information. It contains a subject and a verb and is a complete idea. I like spaghetti. He reads many books. Unfortunately, multilingual writers have been unfairly denied access to language feedback because of the very strong prohibition against editing, but the good news is that we can still be very helpful without compromising our principles. This page provides a bit of important historical context for the discussion and offers strategies for responding to the grammar-checking request in ways that respect the pedagogical philosophies of the writing center and the instructional needs of students writing in a foreign language. The list of strategies is followed by excerpts of coaching sessions, with annotations that illustrate how some of the strategies work in real conversations between writing coaches and multilingual writers. North. Staunch declaration that writing centers were not centers for mechanical remediation and error correction. Friedlander. Assertion that writing centers meet the needs of foreign students by focusing on mechanical remediation and error correction.

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SentencesSentence examples Accommodating Sentence Examples There are also the bull-ring, capable of accommodating 8000 spectators, the pelota court el Trinquete and several parks or gardens. There is a repairing slipway accommodating vessels of Boo tons. The framework was capable of accommodating itself to new facts, and was indeed far in advance of the knowledge of the period.

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Если верить опытным строителям бань с парилками, то самый оптимальный размер парилки в бане, в которой смогут находиться 4 человека, 2 м. Собираюсь ставиь баню, хоте бы услышать совету по размеру парилки и моечного отделения для 2 человек. Высказывайтесь. Размеры парилки 3 на 3.

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