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Who Is Kiki From "In My Feelings"? Drake's Song Shouts Out A Special Someone

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By Noelle Devoe July 13 2018 It looks like Drake's "In My Feelings" is well on its way to becoming a number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 list thanks to its catchy hook and to the viral dance challenge that Instagram comedian TheShiggyShow kicked off by dancing to the track in a June 29 Instagram video. Now, everyone from your little cousin, to your grandma, to Will Smith and Ryan Seacrest is doing the simple, yet infectious, dance for the 'Gram. Anyway, The Shiggy wouldn't even be a dance craze if it weren't for Drake's original lyrics, which reference different girls' names and ask them if they're down with Drake and if they're going to stay with him forever. OK, well, before we dive into the song's muse, let's dive into the dance craze that made the song go even more viral than it already was just by being a Drake song.

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