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6 celebs who have used Tinder to find lurve

Celebrities who use dating sites best dating app for local singles By 2017, pretty much any single person you speak to has some experience with Tinder or similar apps and services, normalising this as the main way people british dating sites meeting their prospective partners. Yet it turns out that even more people are using online dating to find love than we initially thought. Specifically, celebrities who use dating sites the rich, beautiful and famous are trying the enterprise out. Check out this full list and see which celebrities braved the world of online dating to find the right person. Mariah Carey After her divorce from Nick Cannon, but before her engagement to James Packer, she reportedly tried out online dating.

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Nowadays celebrities are more accessible than ever, as many of them have joined celebrity dating sites. Over nearly two decades, this millionaire dating platform has attracted an elite clientele of the wealthy and the beautiful. Because Millionaire Match has strict rules and regulations to verify their users' dating profiles, this rich men dating site is also known as "the King of all luxury dating sites" these days. Also, this wealthy men dating site doesn't encourage casual relationships, hook-ups or flings; therefore, only those who want to look for serious, long-term relationships with celebrities should join this website.

Top Millionaire Dating Sites - Wealthy Men and Women Dating - Celebrity Dating Sites

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