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Top Things to Do in Labuan Town

Dating places in labuan american dating a norwegian Labuan offers a scenic view of the South China Sea with ships, yachts and dating places in labuan rigs dotting the sea. Its proximity to Sabah and Brunei makes daging a breeze for those who commute daily via ferry to the island. Labuan is only 8km or a 20-minute boat ride from Menumbok, a small fishing town in Sabah.

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It has never crossed my mind before to work in Flores, Eastern part of Indonesia. Yet, am glad that I had that experience .. During my time there, I befriended with the locals, who, some of them I considered as my good friends now. Despite the limited infrastructure, my love to this place has grown bigger and bigger. Until now.

Places To Visit In Labuan Island Malaysia

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Abandoned Building of Hotel Labuan

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