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An adorable little Chad Valley teddy bear dating to 1950

Dating chad valley bears carl crawford dating history Established in 1930 Merrythought is one of the oldest article source most prestigious of England's toy manufacturers. For over 60 years the magic of Merrythought has delighted adults and children of all ages with a dating chad valley bears of traditional hand crafted toys that are more than mere playthings. A Merrythought toy is a joy forever - a treasured family friend to be passed down from generation to generation - valued heirloom that's guaranteed datinh give year after year of lasting pleasure.

1940s teddy bears

They sustained the market-leading position for much of the twentieth century. An initial idea to transform a publisher's left-overs into playthings, morphed into a sophisticated engineering and modelling business, and a franchise-specialist. The creative Harborne team, based in the valley of the River Chad, made agreements with some of the world's great companies, helping to market their creations across the globe.

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The Chad Valley trademark was born in 1897 when Johnson, along with one of his sons Alfred, opened a new factory in the nearby village of Harborne; it was named after the Chad River that ran through the village. The company grew over the years and eventually expanded into the toy market with printed board games. The expansion was also helped, in part, by the British ban on German imports, including teddy bears and other soft toys, during World War I. The Chad Valley teddy bear was born in Harborne in 1915, along with other British teddy bears such as Chiltern, spurred on by the shortage of the toys coming from Germany. Early Chad Valley teddy bears had large amber and black eyes, flat ears placed on the sides of their heads, shaved muzzles with triangular noses stitched lengthwise until 1938 , stitched claws on their paws and feet, and were jointed.


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