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Clues in the Dress: Dating Photographs From Clothing

Dating photographs by clothing dating over 50 when to kiss The men are so classic and well source it is hard to specifically date their clothes. The cute little fellow in kilts does place dating photographs by clothing photo in Scotland. Women all over the world began wearing plaid dresses and plaid ribbon trims.

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Being able to determine the approximate date and time of photographs may confirm existing research or lead you to discover new ancestors in your family tree. Betty has selected a handful of beautiful photos submitted by our community members and has provided her insights below to help color in the story of their ancestors. Photo courtesy of Steve Callahan I would date this picture about 1914 because of the huge circumference of the hat. One thing to note, when fashions reach their most extreme they usually change dramatically to the exact opposite. Unknown Child, Chicago.

How I Photograph Clothes for Ebay and Etsy Without a Fancy Set Up

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